Mike Duffy's Personal Training
"Experience the Area's Most Reputable Personal Trainers"
Monmouth County's Longest Running Challenge -23 years!
Over $210,000.00 Awarded in Prize Money Since 1997
Amazing Success Stories
Body Fat Challenge 2.0
Lose up to 49 lbs, Win up to $5,000
and Get Healthy!!
Begins Thursday April 15th, 2021
Limited Spots Available
Results in only 6 Short Weeks!
Marlene Goldstein's Amazing Transformation
Brad Hartzell Lost an Amazing 49 lbs in only 6 weeks!
Bob Beehler's Amazing Health Transformation
Tiffeny Andrews Fall 2018 Champ Lost 31 Fat Lbs & Won $2,000
Mark Thomas Lost 36 Fat Lbs during the Fall 2018 6 Week Challenge
Marlena Macksey Lost 35 Fat Lbs during the Fall 2017 Challenge
Artie Johnson Lost 48.5 Lbs during our Winter 2008 Challenge
Maureen Russo Won $5,000 during our Spring 2013 Challenge
Joanne Novak's Cholesterol dropped 84 points during our Winter 2017 Challenge
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Whole Food
​​​​​​​Nutrition Plan
Complete with 24/7 Nutrition Coach
​​​​​​​Personal Training

"Experience the Area's Most Reputable Personal Trainers"
​​​​​​​Small Group Classes
Classes for Beginners or Advanced Clients
We have had so many clients inform us about how they lowered their cholesterol during our 6 week Challenge.

They took the time and made the effort to schedule their tests with their doctors.
If you are concerned about your cholesterol levels we ask that you get it checked both before and after out 6 week challenge. This way we can see what type of effect our program had on your health. We think you will be incredibly happy with both the before and after Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglyceride readings.

Monmouth County's Longest Running Challenge-22 Years!
"Experience the Area's Most Reputable Personal Trainers"
Who should you trust your body and health to? Our trainers have a combined 100 years plus personal training experience working with clients. Our Challenge has been running for 22 years. We have worked with thousands of people just like you. We have a tremendous amount of success stories and will continue to have more because we have a system that is proven and works.
Do you want to work with a training facility that just opened and has little to no experience? Do you want to try another company's challenge that is run by inexperienced and un-certified instructors or Nutrition Counselors that are not certified with little experience?
We believe in our program and we want the best for you. Join the Challenge, you will not regret your decision!

Mike Duffy Appears on FIOS Channel 1 and Discusses His Nutritional Philosophy
Mike Duffy was interviewed by Gary Gellman on a recent episode of "This is Jersey with Gary Gellman."
Through most of the video Mike explains his nutrition philosophy that has helped thousands of Monmouth County residents lose weight successfully and improve their health. If you want to gain insight on Mike's amazing nutrition program you should watch this video.

 If you would like to REGISTER for the upcoming Body Fat Challenge just fill in the form above and click "I'm Interested."
When will the CHALLENGE begin?

Our next Body Fat Challenge will begin Thursday April 15th, 2021 . We will be weighing people in, taking body fat measurements, before photos,  and filling out paperwork.
How do I Sign Up for the Challenge?

It is simple. Just fill in the form on this landing page and we will contact you withing 24 hours to get you registered. Then attend our Facebook "Live Nutrition Seminar. We only allow a limited amount of people in the Challenge so you will need to register as soon as you can.

What does the Nutrition
Plan entail?

The nutrition plan entails attending the Nutrition Kick-Off seminar, following the nutrition manual & recipe book, & communicating daily with your assigned holistic nutrition counselor who will guide you 24/7. You will need to eat whole foods 3-5x per day.

When is the Nutrition Seminar?

A link to the nutrition seminar will be emailed to all contestants and must be watched before they meet with their nutrition counselor.

What Type of Exercise is included in the Challenge?

​​​​​​​The Program includes unlimited boot camp type classes at both locations, one on one personal training and the use of our Cardiovascular Equipment.
What if I see no results?

This program has a 100% money back guarantee. If you follow the nutrition plan, Attend all of your personal training sessions, take 3-5 boot camp classes each week,  attend your nutrition consultation and communicate with your nutrition counselor during the 6 week program and do not see results after 6 weeks we will give you a full refund.